Winter Coat Care

Winter is in the Breeze so we need to prepare and care for our dogs coats for the winter months . First thing is to NOT skip your regular booking at the groomers , wet dirty coats and skin is a recipe for matting , knots and skin issues . If washing your dog at home ensure to rinse all the product out and dry your dog completely to avoid chills and skin problems occurring. brushing is essential and best done on a dry coat 4-5x a week . if your dog lives inside they really do not need a jacket on or wool jumper in the house , dogs are insulated by their hair for summer and winter, overheating them is uncomfortable for them . When out walking they can wear a jacket but again not if it is a big long walk as the dog will feel too hot . I see many dogs panting on walks with jackets on and that means they are trying to cool down . last of all remember to keep your appointments to keep your dog knot free and a good length , through winter, skipping appointments often results in lots of knots and then gets shaved well before the end of winter which is cold for your dog . Wash Dry and brushing with a light face and feet trim is available and perfect for our Victorian winter . Andy

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