Kate & Nathan's wedding

August 26th, 2016

This was the launch of my Kombi wedding package, which includes grooming and Kombi transport of your pet on your special day! Kate & Nathan were the lucky winners of my 'Kombi Free' competition, which included us preparing and bringing their dogs along to their wedding. The Kombi was dressed specifically for Kate & Nathan's wedding, and Bell & George were groomed to perfection, wearing one of our imported silk leads with Swarovski beads to compliment Kate's wedding dress. We took Bell & George to the venue for the ceremony and photos, and afterwards we transported them back to their home, fed them and put them in their bedding area.

Kate was thrilled with the result and we received this beautiful message the morning after. "Thank you so so much Andy. These photos were the best to wake up to after the day of the wedding. It was like a fairytale. Best day of our lives and so grateful our furbabies were there. Thank you so so much. Everything was perfect. Your business will be a big hit because it was so special to have Bell and George there!!! Thank you once again! Kate"

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